The Youth Ministry

 Youth MinistryYoung people play a vital role in the ministry and mission of every church. The Youth Ministry of the Denbigh Gospel Assembly is cognizant of this fact and as such, works assiduously to bring youth into a deeper, committed relationship with Jesus Christ. The Ministry, through its Umbrella Group, seeks to train and empower youth to become leaders not only in the church but also in the wider society.

Guided by the theme ‘Youth Arise to Spiritual Maturity’, the Youth Ministry has implemented a mentorship programme where each teen is assigned to an adult. The duty and responsibility of the adult is to mentor and guide the young person entrusted in his/her care by teaching them how to mature as a Christian, to develop positive self-image.

The Youth Ministry continues to have a profound impact on the youths. Through its programmes and activities specifically geared to help them develop holistically, we have seen improvement in self-confidence, discipline, greater involvement in activities and moral and values are upheld to a large extent.

Meetings are held every Friday night. Activities include mini sermons (take five) to help bring their spiritual potential to maturity; outdoor games for social interaction with their peers; quiz, to stimulate their mental abilities and visits to homes for the elderly to witness and bond with the seniors.


Mission Statement:

Denbigh Gospel Assembly Youth Ministry exists to bring youths to maturity in order that their God given talents and gifts will be realized and utilized to magnify God and evangelize their peers.